Smart gifts rose by 140% in December 2011

Father Christmas was extremely busy over the holiday season delivering over 20 million iOS and Android devices to well deserving consumers according to the application analytics provider Flurry. They reported that from December 25th and to December 31 saw the most activations of smart gifts ever recorded in a single week. People unwrapped and activated over 6.8 million smartphones and tablets on Christmas Day 2011 alone in comparison to 2.8 million on the same day in 2010 (Flurry).

This is exciting news for users of Sendmode’s mobile marketing services. Just imagine how business can benefit in 2012 by simply connecting with these smartphone users and providing them with the services and information that their devices are enabled to receive.

Less than a few  weeks ago, 20 million consumers activated smart devices which allow them to receive mobile marketing campaigns from your organisation. This makes it so much easier to personalise your text marketing campaigns to your targeted audience.

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