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Setting the Right Tone in Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Setting the right tone when sending an SMS is extremely important and sometimes overlooked by a marketer. Often the tone of voice set within an SMS may not transfer how you intended causing the reader to ignore, delete, or overreact to your message.

A versatile writer can write the same thing using a variety of tones. But, in order to achieve the intended results, businesses must be able to control the tone of their SMS.

SMS lacks the formatting of print, and the body language of in-person communication, the words themselves carry more feeling. And because SMS messages are read quickly, an inappropriate tone can distract the reader and obstruct your message.

The way you speak to your audience is how they will perceive your brand, and you want that perception to be a good one.

Know your audience

Text messages have a reputation for being more informal than other forms of electronic communication. It’s not uncommon to text a friend with on word answers. In a changing digital age the etiquette of businesses messaging is changing, and keeping it formal is not always the correct way to approach an SMS marketing campaign (depending on your target audience that is). A recent study found that millennials are more likely to open and react positively to an SMS or email that includes emojis.

Being relevant and understanding your audience is the key to setting the tone in an SMS marketing campaign. The language you use must match your audience, but also be used in context.

Enrich Your Text

You don’t need to limit yourself to words, by adding rich media features, like images, coupons, videos and newsletters you will be creating a positive experience for your customers.

Don’t limit your brand to one tone of voice

No two campaigns are alike. Similar to people, your brand will have varying personalities based on the situation or the campaign and you should be flexible enough to adjust to these changing situations.

Different products will be targeted to different demographics, set the tone accordingly.


The final component of your brand’s tone is style. This includes the order of words, the grammar and stylistic conventions you choose to follow when you write content, and the rhetorical skills you include. Although you might not fully adhere to grammar conventions when you write a 160 character text, it is still important to understand your brand’s linguistic style. This helps you to match it as close as possible even with shortened content.

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