SendMode’s Ultra Reliable SMS Gateway

We recently asked our hundreds of SMS Gateway customers to tell us what they liked most about using our SMS Gateway and the 2 things our customers loved most were the ease of integration and the ultra reliability.

The gateway architecture allows anyone to sms enable an application in minutes. We support HTTP Post and HTTP Get from all platforms, php, .net, java etc. We allow single or batch transactions of up to 5,000 and can send the delivery reports back to a specified URL or you can poll the sendmode server for the reports. We estimate full integration
including receiving delivery reports with the SendMode platform will take a developer less than 4 hours.

We provide ultra reliability by maintaining a 95% DELIVRD rate through our optimized routing algorithms, we have connections to over 20 operators and partners worldwide.
Also, we get a report on UNDELIVERED numbers and we can do a quick test on the GSM network and inform our customers that these number is now out of service and they would
save money by removing them from their opt in lists.

If you require any more information on our SMS Gateway please feel free to call us at any time on 087 550 5108 or visit


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