Sendmode’s OPT OUT Facilities

Bulk SMS is a growing phenomenon all over the world and for this reason there has been legislation put into place to protect recipient’s privacy. As part of this legislation all SMS messages are legally required to provide an OPT OUT facility for customers. Sendmode have many options available for our customers to utilise to ensure we and our customers are compliant with this legislation.

Sendmode provide you with the following OPT OUT options for your customers:-

  1. Rent a keyword for 12 months whereby you put at the end of your text promotions “Text KEYWORD (this is the keyword you choose to use) STOP to 51444. This option costs €100 for 12 months and people are automatically put on your optout/blacklist, ensuring they don’t receive any further texts.
  2. Put your mobile number on the message saying “text STOP to 0871234567 to optout”. The downside of this is if anyone replies wanting to stop the messages you HAVE to make sure and delete them off our system as obviously if the replies are going to a mobile it doesn’t pass through our system.
  3. Lastly, we have a free option for whereby you add this “Optout @” atthe end of the message and your customers can click this link. This brings them to a website where they can enter their number and remove it from any of their lists.

If you need to know anymore about optouts and Data Protection Legislation please feel free to call us on 087-550-5108.


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