SendMode SMS Marketing – September 2012 Newsletter


September is here and we have 2 new features to let you know about this month in our SMS Marketing Newsletter; Email to SMS and Undelivered Reports.

The SendMode Team

Email to SMS

This lovely new feature allows you to send SMS directly from Outlook, GMail or whatever Email system you are using. Its very easy to setup in SendMode and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

You can read all about this new feature

Undelivered Reports

We wish to save all our customers money by removing any dead or unused numbers from their databases. Other companies will charge you for this, with SendMode it is part of our service. From within this report you have the ability to remove these numbers from your database, which will improve your overall delivery rates and save you money.

To view this feature, click on Reports and Undelivered Reports.

If you have any question about either of our new features please feel free to call us on 087 550 5108 or email us at any time.

Thanks for reading our newsletter.

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