SendMode Introduces its Mobile Websites Service

With mobile web usage increasing at a phenomenal rate, its time we all asked ourselves a question. How does my website look on a mobile? Mobile websites are websites optimized for a mobile phone screen and with 61% of people now browsing on their mobiles it’s an absolute must for any business.

“By 2013 more people will go online using their mobile instead of their PC” – Gartner

In January we set about providing an easy to use, DIY service for our customers to create and maintain their mobile websites. Its ready and its super easy to use. You’ll have a mobile version of your website ready in about 15 minutes and from there you can update it as many times as you like. No need for web designers, hold ups, excuses, hosting companies etc, you make the change in SendMode’s Mobile Website Interface and it’s live.

For more advanced users, if you need us to automatically redirect mobile visitors to your mobile site, we can do this no problem.

“This sounds great, what do I do next?”
Sign up for a free trial and you’ll be up and running in 15 minutes.

The Sendmode Team

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