Sendmode Facebook Insights Simplified

So you’ve decided to take advantage of our Social Media Management Application…but you’re not sure what the Facebook Insights actually mean…

You can take advantage of our Facebook Insights once you’ve been active on Facebook for two months.  This is where you really reap the benefits of this free feature for all our SMS customers.  We’ve pulled and condensed lots of insights for your page from Facebook Insights and presented them in an easy to digest table format. The figures are downloaded monthly and compared to the previous month. Thus updated figures will only be available at the beginning of every month.  There are five sections here; Social score, Statistics, Optimal Post Time, Demographic and Geographic insights.

The social score has looked at four key areas; Growth, Activity, Engagement and Content and ranked your monthly performance in each area to give you a percentage score.  The individual scores contribute towards your overall score.  Tips are offered in order for you to improve your performance in each of the four key areas.  Further clarification is offered on these tips in our blog (  You should aim to turn all four areas and your ultimate score into green! This will mean you are doing extremely well on Facebook.

The same rule applies to the Facebook Insights Statistics section where we present five key areas to you; Fans, Posts, Impressions, Engagement and Stories. Once again your aim is for all five areas to be highlighted in green, this will show monthly growth.  However do not panic if some are red, there is sometimes a simple explanation, for example you may have had a busy month in December coming up to Christmas and then a quiet January so of course your January figures will be lower.

The Optimal Time will tell you when the best time of day to post is in order to reach as many of your customers as possible by calculating when they are online.   It also tells you what percentage of your current posts have been within this time frame. Try to increase this figure every month until all of your posts are within the optimal time frame.

The Demographic information has been categorised by gender and age as is presented in a descending order with your key audience at the top.  This information will help you to understand who is following your page on Facebook, which in turn may help when you are deciding what content to put on Facebook.  Similarly the Geographic information is displayed by county and country so you can better understand your Facebook audience and personalise your content around that knowledge.

Try to set aside some time every month to log in to your Sendmode Social Media Management app and have a look at our analytics. In no time at all you’ll understand Social Media better and learn how to improve your use of it with our Facebook Insights.

Note: Our Insights are only available for Facebook at the moment because Twitter and LinkedIn do not yet make this information available. However we promise to make it available to you as soon as they do.

If you require any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Myles on 087 550 5108 or email

Thanks for reading our blog.

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