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When contemplating taking on a new product/service, what is the most important factor to each and every business owner?  Undoubtedly, COST is the number one factor.  Bulk Text Messaging is a highly effective marketing tool which has proven time and time again to be hugely cost effective, whilst yielding excellent return of investment figures. Bulk Text Messaging cost with Sendmode’s multi-award winning text messaging service, is the most competitive on offer!

For those of you unfamiliar, what exactly is Bulk Text Messaging? It is a form of permission based marketing that utilises the advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices and the prevalence of texting as a form of communication.  More simply…you can send multiple, short messages, incorporating punchy, irresistible call-to-actions to your customers’ mobile devices in order to increase footfall and enhance sales figures!

With Sendmode, it costs a mere R230 for 1,000 credits! Note: credits don’t expire! Check for yourself…this price is unbeatable! However, when a business owner considers the overall ‘cost’ of the business, money is not the one and only factor under the ‘cost’ umbrella. Bulk text messaging cost also encompasses two additional imperative factors; time and resource.

Bulk Text Messaging Cost: Time

Bulk Text Messaging saves massively on time.  Account setup can be completed in minutes (and it’s FREE!!).  Once your customer database is in place and permission has been granted, you can craft and dispatch your marketing campaigns instantaneously.

Bulk Text Messaging Cost: Resource

Consider the resources necessary with traditional marketing methods; radio, TV, magazines etc, the resource chain is endless.  As above, with Sendmode’s Bulk Text Messaging service, it costs R230 only for 1,000 credits which can be managed by you and you alone! All you need is a mobile device.

Established now for 5 years, Sendmode’s multi-award winning Text messaging service offers a low cost, secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform which will work for your business!  Check out our free trial or contact us on 021 300 2635 or email to get you started with our award winning bulk text messaging service.

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