Sendmode Add FREE Social Media Management Application to its Award Winning SMS Service

Sendmode have launched their latest free application which allows the management of several social media from one place for all their SMS customers.  We identified that business owners were struggling to keep up to date with marketing trends and that social media often ended up taking up a lot of their time.  After months of brainstorming and development the team have now launched a social media management application which lets users post content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The application allows content to be posted immediately or scheduled for a later date and time, allowing business owners to better manage time and free up valuable resources.

The social media management application also tracks the success of social media campaigns via reports which compare all activity in one place.  The upgrades within the reporting section now provide insights which incorporate the most important social media analytical information available and deliver it in a user friendly, comprehensive format.  The insights calculate a score for your use of social media and offer tips on how to improve growth, engagement, activity and content.  Effectively, managers can now view all their Sendmode marketing activity in one place and make comparisons to see which tools are most effective with the graphical timeline feature. Managers can now evaluate SMS, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one easy to use platform.

Our CEO John McNamara says “this new application will combine all mobile and social media marketing into one package which is easy to use, measurable and accountable. It will take the time, effort and complexity out of staying on top of so many channels.  We kept hearing the same feedback from our customers, that social media was taking up so much of their time without knowing what the return was.  Our latest product directly addresses this problem”.

Sendmode now offer bulk SMS, mobile keywords, mobile websites, voucher systems and now social media management.  The upgraded Social Media Application is FREE to all bulk SMS customers and is available with 24/7 support.  For more information log on to and create a free account or contact the sales team on 087 550 5108 or 

Revolutionise your social media with Sendmode, “The Art of Marketing by the Science of Sendmode”.


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