how to send text messages to customers

How to Send Text Messages to Customers

Bulk SMS is a highly effective, low cost, easy to setup marketing tool which should be part of each and every small to medium businesses’ marketing strategy. Essentially, the success of your Bulk SMS campaigns will depend on how you send text messages to customers.  To get started, reserve a keyword relevant to your business/service. That keyword is then texted to a “shortcode” or short phone number. The recipient receives an automated reply back, customised by you, thanking your new subscriber for joining your list. They will also be added to your SMS marketing list for future marketing.

We are all familiar with the phenomenal statistic that 98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes. With this extensive reach and mammoth marketing power, there comes responsibility. Simply, how and when you send text messages to customers will dictate your bottom line.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to send text messages to customers:-

  1. Find an SMS marketing provider that offers the features and flexibility that suit your needs…Sendmode!
  2. Remember, Bulk SMS is permission based. Significant fines can be incurred if you’re utilising mobile numbers without permission.
  3. Choose a “keyword” that is short, simple and reflects your business.
  4. Decide how you want to use SMS marketing. It may be; providing info, mobile coupons, product releases, special deals/offers, appointment reminders etc
  5. Set up your custom “auto-reply” thanking your customers for joining your text list and offer them something of value for joining.
  6. Advertise your SMS marketing across all your other advertising streams i.e. email, social media, billboards, flyers, business cards, company vehicles etc
  7. Once you have a substantial subscriber list, analyse it, know your customers and their demographics, categorise accordingly by sorting them into groups, as your entire customer database will not want to receive each and every text message.
  8. Import your subscriber list/groups via excel spreadsheets.
  9. Compile your message via the SMS Marketing menu.

Some more tips on how to send text messages to customers with Sendmode:

  • If you wish to receive a reply to your SMS then you must select Repliable as the Sender Name.
  • If you send the same or similar SMS on a regular basis, then you can save it as a template in SMS Templates.  Then simply select the template you require from My SMS Templates.
  • Type your message in the space provided, the counter at the bottom keeps track of the characters used, 160 = one credit. Pressing Return counts as a space only, it does not move your delivered message to the next line. Note: Microsoft Word may introduce hidden characters; ensure the word count is correct before sending.
  • Check you are sending to the correct number people/group etc. then select Send Message to send instantly, a brief message is displayed, click OK to finalise your request.  If you wish to schedule the message for a later time/date, select the Schedule Message button.

Note: Sendmode’s system does not automatically add an Opt-out option.  To comply with The Data Protection Act you are required to provide an Opt-out.  If sending a reply-able message, replies to your reply-able SMS with “stop” in the reply will automatically go into the Opt-out folder.

Remember, timing is everything, do not disturb your customers, never text too early or never late at night. Also, be mindful about texting early on weekend mornings! Be extra vigilant with frequency of campaigns; do not overdo it, as this will invariably lead to opt-outs.  Lastly but most importantly, clear, concise, impossible to ignore, call-to-actions are your sure-fire keys to conversions!

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