How to Send Bulk Text

So you’ve just created an account with Sendmode and now you want to learn how to send bulk text.  This blog will explain in a step by step process, so you’ll be up and running in no time!

Once you have logged in to your account, click the SMS Marketing Icon then follow these steps:

1.  Import your contacts.

  • If required set up your Groups first.  Using Groups helps to separate your contacts.  For example you may wish to separate your Staff. You might create a Group for Frozen Foods, Hardware, and Electrical Goods etc.  You can easily control your SMS when people are grouped. Rather than send to Everybody you can quickly locate your chosen Group.  You can of course leave everybody in a single list and not use Groups.
  • Place your contacts in an Excel spreadsheet in the format shown below & save the file (It must be an Excel .xls or .xlsx).  Only the Mobile Number (format as a number with no leading zeros 87XXXXXXX) in Column A is required, but it may help identify your contacts if you put their name etc. in the appropriate columns as well.
How to Send Bulk Text

How to Send Bulk Text

  • From the SMS Marketing screen click the Import From Excel icon.  Then the Import From Excel Tab.  Click Select to browse your computer for the Excel file that you wish to use.  Once selected click Submit.  Select the Group you wish to import your contacts into.  Then click Submit again, your contacts will now be imported.


How to Send Bulk Text

How to Send Bulk Text


  1. Sending an SMS
  • From the SMS Marketing menu select to send to either Customers/Groups/Individuals.  Select Send SMS to Customers.  You will see the screen below
How to Send Bulk Text

How to Send Bulk Text

  • If you want to send to everyone make sure Everybody is selected from the My Customers dropdown menu as shown.  If you want to send to only one Group select the Group from the My Groups dropdown menu (if you wish to send to several Groups please exit and select the option Send an SMS to Groups from the SMS Marketing menu).
  • If you wish to receive a reply to your SMS then you must select Repliable as the Sender Name.  If you don’t want a reply and wish to use a Sender Name (business name) you must first save your sender Name in Manage My Sender Names (Max of 11 characters including spaces).
  • If you send the same or similar SMS on a regular basis then you can save it as a template in SMS Templates.  Then simply select the template you require from My SMS Templates.
  • Type your message in the space provided, the counter at the bottom keeps track of the characters used, 160 equals one credit. Pressing Return only counts as a space it does not move your delivered message to the next line. Microsoft Word may introduce hidden characters, please ensure the count is correct before sending.
  • Check that you are sending to the correct number people/group etc. then select Send Message to send instantly, a brief message is displayed, click OK to finalise your request.  If you wish to Schedule the message for a later time/date, select the Schedule Message button.


Note: Sender Names are not allowed in South Africa, the networks strip out any Sender Names used and replace them with a random 15 digit number.  However a customer may still reply to either an SMS sent as either Repliable or with a Sender Name.   Replies will be available in Manage Customer Replies, see below.


3. You can view your customer replies from the Manage Customer Replies.  The inbuilt report (Full report) also shows the status of the SMS sent, either Delivered, Undelivered, Dispatched, or Rejected.

  • Delivered – The network has reported the SMS has been delivered.
  • Undelivered – The network has tried several times to deliver but has given up.
  • Dispatched – We have sent the SMS to the network and are awaiting a status report ( should only display for a few minutes, refreshing your browser (click F5) should change this status of this SMS).
  • Rejected – We have sent the SMS to the network but this has been rejected as an invalid number/out of service.

 Please note: Our system doesn’t automatically add an Opt-out option.  It is therefore at your discretion whether you include an Opt-out option.  To comply with The Data Protection Act you are required to provide an Opt-out.  If sending a repliable message, anybody that replies to your repliable SMS with “stop” in the reply will automatically go into the Opt-out folder.  You may use some of the following at the end of your SMS:

  • Opt-out reply Stop
  • Opt-out SMS Stop
  • To Opt-out reply Stop

This is an overview of getting started with your Sendmode account.  However should you require any further details please contact the Sendmode team on 021 300 2635 or email

Some of the additional features our system offers are: Email to SMS, Schedule SMS, Anniversary or Birthday acknowledgement, Full reporting on SMS sent, Forward alerts to either email or mobile, plus our full customer support via phone or email.

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