Seize the Opportunity this St Patrick’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way it’s time to start planning for St. Patrick’s Day!  With parades taking place across the globe on Ireland’s national day, hundreds of organising committees will be busy for the next month coordinating volunteers, emergency services and promoting their annual event.  Green clothing appears from nowhere, shamrocks and badges are pinned to lapels, Lenten restrictions are lifted and celebrations are had!

St Patrick’s Day presents a huge opportunity for any business owner, whether they’re a bar or restaurant owner, a hairdresser or butcher, this is a holiday where family and friends come together to celebrate their connection with Ireland, big or small.  SMS is the perfect way to share your St Patrick’s Day promotions with customers or even just to send them a goodwill greeting message.

For those not using SMS marketing yet, there’s still time.  Start collecting a database of your customer’s mobile numbers over the next four weeks and send them a message on 17th March to instantly reap the benefits of mobile marketing and bulk SMS. Then just follow our 4 simple steps to SMS success;

  1. Gather a database
  2. Upload and segment
  3. Send/schedule
  4. Measure and Analyse

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to use SMS Marketing, start planning your campaign now. To get started contact Myles on 087 550 5108 or email

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

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