Create your own Bulk Text Company with our Reseller Solution

SendMode’s architecture, gateway infrastructure, technical expertise and 24/7 support, coupled with years of expertise & dedication make us a market player in the provision of quality SMS based services.

Sendmode’s reseller solutions will grow your business and margin, whilst keeping your clients satisfied and loyal. All implementation and set up is done “in-house” by our dedicated team of professionals who are on hand 24/7 to assist with all technical and support questions.

  • Generate revenue and manage your clients and resellers.
    • Set your own selling price.
    • Create unlimited reseller and/or client accounts
  • Track your activities with graphic display overviews.
    • Detailed representations of all your sent messages with both cost and destination details.
  • Use the wide range of messaging tools.
    • All business messages features released by SendMode will automatically become available to you.
    • Including, All Sending and Scheduling functions, API Interface, SMS Shortcodes, Text Competitions, OrderingBooking System, Auto Reminders and many more.
  • Customize your application
    • Have your own logos, colours, contact details and URLs for making your messaging completely self-branded without any trace of Sendmode involvement.
  • You dont need to know any programming as it’s all pre-developed!
  • Get discounted rates on SMS Credits purchased.
  • Can be a new domain ( or subdomain (
  • Cost are €350 for the website and €10 per month hosting, payable 12 months in advance.