how to put bulk SMS messaging to work this holiday season

How to Put SMS Marketing To Work This Holiday Season

Summer has finally arrived, its holiday season from now until the end of August with bank holiday weekends, mid-week breaks, 1-2 week holidays, weddings, BBQ season etc….These few holiday months are prime time to target your customers with slick, sure-fire success marketing campaigns. Positivity levels are high, folk are keen to treat themselves after a long, dreary, austere winter.  Also, why not take this opportunity to increase your customer database to boost sales figures and increase ROI.

Why Bulk SMS Marketing …..

Bulk SMS Marketing builds long-term, loyal, lucrative relationships between buyer and retailer owing to the fact it is based on technology the customer is familiar and comfortable with. Unlike other forms of marketing, mobile marketing also provides a platform to interact with customers on a personal level via multiple mobile devices, using a medium they typically can’t live without.

Key Factors to Success this Holiday Season:-

  • Craft highly successful messages/alerts
    1. Know your audience – categorise your database, be ‘customer / message’ specific.  Your entire customer base is not necessarily interested in the exact same deals/promos
    2. Use personalisation to captivate and convert
    3. Be clear and concise – do not use any characters in your keywords which may cause confusion
    4. A clear call to action is mandatory
    5. Utilise time-sensitivity always
    6. Monitor your results for optimal success rates
  • Be ahead of your game – be well prepared, plan and craft your messages well in advance of relevant events and occasions.
  • Be respectful and keep on the right side of the law – Always include the option of unsubscribing from your text messages.  Remember, it’s a legal requirement.

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