Opting out of Marketing Campaigns

Opting out of Marketing Campaigns

Permission based marketing is a hugely effective marketing strategy for any business. However, it should allow your customers to both opt-in to receive your messages but also a means of opting out of marketing campaigns. This gives your customer the full flexibility to choose when and how they wish to receive marketing or other information from your business.

The results from permission based marketing are well documented; a short, concise and well timed offer or promotion, delivered by SMS text message to your customer will give the best response rate of all marketing channels. Response rates as high as 50% for SMS Marketing are not uncommon. However some businesses may get carried away with this success and begin over texting promotions to their customers. This may begin to annoy the customer and they may wish to opt out of your marketing campaigns. ( Because SMS marketing is such a direct and powerful marketing channel, we would always advise that one SMS per month to your customers is optimal )

It is your responsibility as a business to allow an easy way to do this. Any good SMS Marketing company will provide an opt-out service with a number of ways for your customers to opt-out. This service should be available free to businesses as part of your bulk SMS package. Be wary of Bulk SMS suppliers who charge for opt-outs, we have seen some companies charge as much as 4 credits for an opt-out.

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