Merry Xmas from Sendmode Bulk SMS

May we at Sendmode, the lowest cost and friendliest Bulk SMS provider in South Africa, take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their support during 2016 and wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous 2017. We love serving your business marketing and messaging needs and will continue to work hard for you in 2017, bringing you the best value mobile marketing service on the internet.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are N/A. We are always open. Send us an email anytime or phone the office number and we’ll be there.

Your Wish list

If there is anything you would like to see on the Sendmode service, from Mobile Payments to Staggered Sending, please do not hesitate to let us know. We have a superb team of developers who use lean and agile methodologies to get software delivered faster to the service.

Your Feedback

The feedback we get on all elements of our service is what shapes our direction; for example; I have been asked to broaden the blog topics from concentrating on Bulk SMS to marketing in general and other challenges for business owners. This I will gladly do this in 2017.

Thank you for all your lovely comments during the year on the service and our customer support, we love supporting our customers and get a great buzz when you tell us how well your Bulk SMS campaigns are doing for your business.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blogs and there’ll be a few more before the end of the year!!!

Thanks so much,

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