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Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Gone are the days when marketers used to pump senseless, measureless and ineffective advertising campaigns. It was hard to be an informed consumer when media was limited. The tables have now turned and the consumer has full power over all of their buying decisions. Marketers must embrace and adapt to new technologies in order to attract new leads and to continue pleasing current customers.

Marketing plans serve as blueprints for your company’s sales strategy. Marketing should not be set in motion and left alone, but constantly reviewed, evaluated and adjusted to suit the needs of the company and the wants of the consumer. Understanding how to judge results can save you time and money and help ensure the success of your business.

While marketing can be for the most part trial and error you can diminish errors by actually using calculations to see which campaigns are bringing in the most results for the money. At a basic level, you want to ensure that your ROI is greater than the amount spent on marketing efforts per average customer. It is surprising how many businesses still do not track the return on each marketing campaign and reflect on the reasons which made the campaign successful or otherwise. Building up this business knowledge is critical to future successful marketing.

Engagement is also significant indicator of how effective your marketing campaign is because it takes into account how they are perceived and used by users; engagement is trackable.

Useful engagement metrics to track:

Brand awareness. Type your brand name into Google and see what people are saying, are there positive comments and reviews, or are there negative statements you need to address? Either way, it gives you a glimpse into how your brand is perceived.

Social Shares. People only share what they want to share and they share it because the content has something that is relevant to them in some way. Discovering who is sharing your content offers marketers’ great insight into demographics, target audience and reach.

Inbound links or backlinks. The number of external links to your website from other relevant, authoritative sites indicates that other people have found your content and consider it to be a valuable resource or reference.

You should know if your marketing efforts are effective or not, by actively tracking and measuring various metrics that showcase the effectiveness. Therefore, you should be measuring the following-

  • Monthly Goals
  • Percentage of Paid and Organic Leads
  • Close Rate per Channel

There are several reasons why a marketing campaign may fail and not bring you the desired results, but future successes will come from determining what those reasons are.

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