Marketing During the Holidays

Marketing During the Holidays

The holidays can be very busy for all of us and are vital for driving our revenues. With so many customers in your outlet purchasing products there are a few things which you can do to help with your marketing during quieter times of the year.

Every customer who enters your outlet or buys from your website is a potential future customer also. Just because you are busy right now, you need to keep an eye on the future and times that may not be so busy.

One of the most effective marketing techniques is called opt-in marketing, this is where your customer has opted in to receive offers and promotions from you.

Because the customer has given consent, your offers are received and welcomed by the customer. This in turn leads to a much higher response rate to your offers.

During busy times of year when your website or outlet has a lot of traffic, it is the perfect time to build you opt-in database. Here’s one example that continues to work great for our company

  1. We ran a competition and asked customers to select an answer to a simple question and text it to our Keyword
  2. The new customer’s number is then automatically stored in our customer database
  3. We made our customers aware that they could receive special exclusive offers from our business in the future
  4. We also made our customers aware that they could opt-OUT at any time.

We have run this promotion during Halloween every year and build our opt-in list by 5-10% each time we run the competition. These new opt-in customers are segmented into a new group and we send them a special introductory offer coming up to the Christmas holiday period.

We also send offers to those customers who are previously on the opt-in database.

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The result is; we keep growing our revenues, building our customer lists and decreasing our marketing spend as we can market directly to our audience now.

I hope you found this blog useful.

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