IMPORTANT Reasons why SMS Marketing is a MUST for your Business


 Staying competitive in today’s market place requires the constant ability to adapt to the evolution of online and mobile marketing. It truly is survival of the fittest and if you don’t adapt, you will be left behind.

 While email marketing can be a great tool for businesses, today’s companies can’t stop there. In short, SMS tends to be a more versatile communication tool than email. SMS marketing gives business owners the lightning-fast ability to reach each customer on their list instantly, alerting them of specials and promotions which will drive large groups of traffic, within minutes, to perform an action, whether that action is coming in for dinner, signing up for an email, or something else.

Most mobile users have their phone within arms reach 24/7 so, whatever the message, there’s no chance of it sitting unopened in an inbox for long! How many text messages do you receive that you don’t read?

By using SMS Marketing you can show your customers you care — building a loyal following that leads to a profitable and sustainable business.

You can engage with your customers by asking for feedback. Not only will this enhance their experience of your product/service, but it may also provide a valuable insight on how to develop and improve your services!

 Text messages sustain a strong 98 per cent open rate, with the majority of those read within five seconds of being received, so they certainly stand up as a reliable and instant way of reaching customers.

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