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Ideas for SMS Marketing

Do you need ideas for SMS Marketing? Perhaps you haven’t got time to be creative or really don’t know where to start. We’ve listed some great ideas below to get you started.  SMS Marketing can be used by business owners, community groups, marketing agencies or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people.  It allows you to measure the impact of your sent messages, track your delivery reports and if you include a link, you can measure the amounts of hits and/or sales the SMS led to.

Ideas for SMS Marketing:

Send promotional offers, coupons or incentives – You can send enticing offers to your customers just before pay day offering them a special price, deal, discount or offer, for example “Hi John, Get 20% off all menswear this weekend in store or online www.mensclothes.com. Just use this code 20OFF. Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”

Send reminders – Remind customers that they have an appointment with you and reduce your losses on missed appointments. Customers will know that you care about them and want to help them manage their busy lives. “Hi Mary, Don’t forget you’ve got a hair appointment at 2.30pm tomorrow in Hair Styles. See you soon. Need to cancel? Call us on 011234567. Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”

Update customers – Have you opened a new store, got a new line of products or changed your web address. SMS Marketing is a quick way to update your customers with vital information, for example “Hi Laura, we’ve just got the new Any Huberman Shoe range in stock. Call in store or go online now www.shoes.com and get your new pair for the weekend! Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”

Run competitions – Run a competition to build your customer mobile database. Simply display poster in your store, share it you website and social media. For example “Win a weekend away for 2 with Sunshine Holidays by texting the word ‘GETAWAY’ followed by your name and answer to 51444…What group of islands does Majorca belong to?”

Confirm bookings or confirmations – Everyone loves to receive their booking in writing ‘just in case’ and what better place to have it than on your ever accessible mobile phone. Send booking confirmations to ensure they don’t forget! “Hi Joe, Thank you for your dinner reservation for 8 people on 01/01/15 at The Best Restaurant. Amendments? Call us on 011234567. Opt out at www.stoptxt.net”

So there’s some ideas for SMS Marketing, as you can see the uses are endless! To get started with Sendmode call us on 021 300 2635 or email sasupport@sendmode.com and we’d be happy to help.

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