How to Convert SMS Messaging into Sales

With a 98% open rate, SMS is clearly the most reliable way to ensure your message gets seen on a mobile device. So the question is, how best to use it via SMS Marketing?

  • Be Relevant and Targeted – Ensure you are targeting the right customer with the right message!
  • Compelling, Easy Opt-In – Provide multiple ways to sign up and give offers to entice the customer!
  • Instant Actionable Offers – Your SMS Marketing messages should be timely. Offer coupons, sales or deals that expire soon, such as in twenty-four hours!
  • Drive In-Store and Site Visits with SMS Exclusives – Run promotions that are exclusive only to your SMS followers. These are likely to be your most loyal customers — treat them like royalty!
  • Survey your SMS subscribers – Once you get your subscriptions to around 500-1000, survey your customers for topics they want to hear from you to ensure you keep them interested!
  • Be Respectful – Your SMS customers have invited you to be with them wherever they are and they’ll quickly revoke that privilege if it’s abused, used too frequently or communications are not relevant to them.

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