Hi Speed SMS Gateway with HLR

We’ve upgraded our SMS Gateway to include HLR. This will allow all our customers to check mobile numbers on the fly and remove them from sending if they are deemed out of service or dead. As HLR is super cheap it will help you optimize your routing and save you a bundle. This new feature was released to beta 8 weeks ago and the feedback has been fantastic. It is in full release from today.

How does it work?

HLR stands for Home Location Register and allows us to tell the up to date status of a mobile number.

Let’s say you have some mobile numbers which keep coming back undelivered or expired and your customers are asking about them. With our new HLR feature you can send a request to our API and we will ping the mobile networks for the up to date status of this number.

The results are sent back to a URL which you specify. If the number comes back as dead it can be removed from future sending, saving you and your customer money.

We would generally advise that you implement a rule based system whereby if a number has been undelivered X amount of times, you would automatically HLR the number and decide what to do based on the result.

I like the cut of your jib Sendmode, what next?

You’ll be fully integrated by dinner time.

Our SMS Gateway is super simple to get up and running and we offer both HTTP and SMPP connections. You will have a dedicated developer on hand for the full integration time. Full end to end integration with our SMS Gateway, including HLR will take approximately 4 hours.

After integration is complete our award winning support kicks in and we are there for you at any time should you need us.

We have lots of code examples and all the documentation can be found at http://www.sendmode.co,za/sms-gateway.

If you would like to set up a free trial, click on the image below and we’ll be in touch to help you get started.

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