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Drive Customer Loyalty with SMS Marketing

Every year the number of business owners adding SMS Marketing to their marketing mix grows significantly. SME’s make up over 95% of the business community, and with fewer resources than larger companies, are always looking for the most cost effective way to reach their customers. SMS provides a low cost, direct channel to customers but also yields a response rate far in excess of other channels.

Many marketing channels may have a lot of hype behind them but as more and more business owners are seeing the results of SMS campaigns, its evident that above all else, SMS Marketing works!!

As one of our customers stated, “We’ve had a lot of talk about smartphone apps and push notifications but there is only one ‘app’ that is on every single mobile device on the planet … SMS”

Believe it or not, customers appreciate text messages from businesses.

A 2014 SMS marketing survey asked 297 16- 45 year old Americans about their thoughts on SMS marketing. The results found that 67 percent of respondents said they don’t mind receiving SMS Marketing messages from businesses, so long as they are useful to the customer. By this, the respondents mean; good offers, promotions or information which is of relevance to them.

What kind of text messages can I send my customers that won’t annoy them but will help me grow my business? Try sending messages for; billing notifications, thank you notes, birthday notes, discount codes and other offers.

SMS works best for important, time-sensitive and actionable messages. Sending messages that fit these criteria will result in customer retention and response.

The bottom line is, more and more businesses are using SMS Marketing and reaping the rewards. Therefore, why not build your opt-in mobile number list and start texting your customers!

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