Bulk Text for Political Parties

A major success factor for Obama’s campaign was the use of social media and technology as an integral part of his strategy, to raise money, and more importantly, to develop a groundswell of empowered volunteers who felt they could make a difference. Obama won by converting everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors and advocates, through social networks, but particularly by utilising bulk text messaging. Three million people signed up for his text messaging programme, each receiving 5 – 20 messages each month!!

Maximise Bulk Text messaging for a multitude of reasons:-

®                Spread the news

®                Inform re meetings/information evenings

®                Direct voters to a website for updates

®                Real time updates on poll results etc

®                Ask voters to complete a survey

®                Ask opinions on important topics by texting yes/no

The list is endless! By using Bulk Text messaging, your audience will be constantly up to date on important issues, thus building loyalty, ensuring voters stay with you whilst also enticing new followers.

Using Bulk Text messaging to its full potential will empower and include and gain respect for you and your Party, which is the all-important formula for building a powerful and successful campaign.

For further assistance and advice in creating the most effective Bulk Text Marketing campaign for your Party, please contact Trevor or John on Tel:  087 550 5108 or email support@sendmode.com and we will be happy to assist you in making Mobile Marketing work for you!

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