Bulk Text can do that

Bulk Text can do that?

You’ll be surprised at some of the benefits from using Bulk Text as one of your communication and marketing channels. Many newcomers to Bulk Text are surprised by the benefits and will ask ‘Bulk Text can do that? really?’

There is a reason why bulk text is so popular and a $70 billion a year business worldwide.

Below are some of the things Bulk Text can do;

Send images by Text

If you have a menu, flyer or brochure you want to send to your customer base, simply upload it into Sendmode and a link will be automatically added to your text message. When delivered to your customers phone, they can click this link and will see the image.

Proven to drive revenue

Bulk Text is a very popular marketing technique worldwide as the response rates are much higher than other forms of marketing. The average across all industries is 12% response rate but is much higher in industries such as retail, hospitality and entertainment.

Save Time

It takes days to design and print flyers, hours to design and send marketing emails but only 2/3 minutes to design, send and deliver SMS to your customers. Furthermore, 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt so your message is actually read.

Save expensive marketing consultants

If you are fed up with marketing consultants pushing you towards the latest trend and then talking ‘marketish’ when results do not stack up, why not save the money you are spending on them and use a fraction of it on a Bulk Text campaign. 90% of our 20,000+ customers schedule their own marketing campaigns.

There are many more awesome things bulk text can do for your business and we at Sendmode, a multi-award winning service provider, can direct you to all other benefits and best practices at any time you wish.

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I hope you found this helpful and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.