Bulk SMS Messaging for Travel Agents

If you use email as your primary marketing tool to reach existing and potential customers, read on……

  • ONLY 20% of emails are opened with a response time of 2.5 days.  Whereas…..98% of text messages are opened with a response time of 90 seconds!
  • 90% of all emails are spam, compared to only 1% of text messages.  On average, 22% of emails are actually read, with a response rate of less than 2%.  Whereas with text messages, 98% are read, with a response rate of 23%+ !!

Bulk SMS marketing provides the perfect communication channel for you to connect with your customer base.  It is cost-effective, time-saving, and has the proven potential to  fulfill all your promotional and marketing needs.   Practically everyone has a mobile phone today, therefore, Travel Agents can reap maximum benefit, communicating with and marketing to their customers and potential customers with a simple SMS!

Basically, any form of mobile marketing requires consent from all subscribers which  forms the basis of your opt-in database.  Hence, it is important to find the right medium and incentive to persuade your target audience.  Here at sendmode.co.uk, Trevor or John will assist you in finding the right campaign to suit your needs!

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