How Bulk SMS Messaging can increase sales

Bulk SMS Messaging is widely used as a direct and low cost form of marketing for business all over the world. The continuing growth of Bulk SMS worldwide is fuelled by its success as a marketing channel.  Consider this; a customer has given you permission to send them a short, concise Bulk SMS message whenever you have a new product or offer.  The message is delivered in seconds to that customer’s mobile phone and as permission has been given, the message is welcomed and in more cases that any other form of marketing, the promotion is acted on.

Bulk SMS combined with a permission based mobile list generation and well-timed promotions will give you the best return on investment for any of your marketing campaigns.  In a nutshell, Bulk SMS is a low cost, direct channel with a high redemption rate. Across all industries, Bulk SMS marketing will give a 15% redemption rate if the promotion is sent to customers/clients who have given permission to your business to do so.

Sendmode’s multi-award winning online platform provides all the tools you require to drive successful mobile marketing campaigns. Our platform is very easy to use and is available across all devices. We even have an iPhone and Android app so you can send or schedule your promotions on the go.

Since its release in March 2009, the Sendmode platform has grown to serve the Bulk SMS marketing needs of over 8,000 businesses worldwide. We are delighted to provide a service which helps businesses save money and increase sales. We love it when our customers tell us how well their Bulk SMS campaigns are performing.

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