Bulk SMS Marketing – Who and When?

People of all ages appreciate that mobile devices receive and relay information quickly and efficiently. Bulk Text messaging or Bulk SMS marketing is considered a universal mobile platform for just about everyone! Even the least techie of users can use SMS!

If you are new to this relatively recent, innovative marketing tool, ‘embrace’ is the first step! Learn just how effective, powerful and successful this advertising strategy is.  Furthermore, in order to maximise your return of investment, both presently and in the months and years to come, there are two key elements to adhere to :-

  1. Who to target
  2. When to implement your campaigns

WHO – The Rules


Capturing your Audience

Build your customer database with customers who will always be interested in receiving your text messages.  Be clever when targeting your audience, remember, “you have to give in order to get”!. We are all familiar with the ‘carrot’ strategy, i.e. offer something valuable to get people to opt-in i.e. “Sign Up and 50% off Today’s Order,” “Enter to Win a Gift Certificate,” or “Join Today & Get a Free Dessert”.

Respect Your Audience

SPAM laws apply to Bulk SMS marketing and can incur hefty penalties. People need to feel trust in order to give you their mobile phone number. If that trust is abused, you will lose customers and damage your hard-earned brand reputation. When devising your campaigns, ensure to research when and how often to communicate with prospective and existing customers.

Be Professional

Being a little informal can be effective when advertising via Bulk SMS, however, never cross the line which would render your marketing campaigns unprofessional. Unless your targeted customers are teenagers or college students, it is recommended to present your messages with a professional touch. Never use text lingo. Professionalism will make the customer feel secure whilst buying your products/ services, thus building a long lasting relationship of mutual trust.

WHEN – The Rules


As for frequency, it is highly effective to send weekly deals, bi-weekly deals, or monthly deals. However, ultimately, you’re trying to find the perfect balance between engaging your audience enough so they don’t forget about you AND that they are encouraged to respond to your call to actions, but not so much so that they get irritated and opt-out!

Surveys show that people, in general, are busy in the morning, may have a short downtime period in the afternoon and again, extremely occupied early evenings. Thus, the optimal time to send promotional SMS messages is during late afternoon, into night time. Weekends also provide excellent response rates, however, be extremely mindful not to bombard your customers.

To get started and for all your subsequent questions and queries, contact Trevor or John on 087 550 5108 or email support@sendmode.com.

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