Bulk SMS Marketing Ideas for Garages

Ever wonder how you can win new business, increase retention of existing customers or simply reenforce your brand ? well wonder no more :), with Sendmode’s BULK SMS FOR GARAGES it is simple, quick and cost effective.

Precisely what BULK SMS FOR GARAGES is capable of doing is completely transform your personal marketing strategy to invite new customers and really push the existing clients that have already gained their very own trust in you and your brand.

  • People have their phones 24/7 and read a text message within 5 minutes – Over 90% of people read their text messages – how powerful is that!!
  • BULK SMS Marketing is inexpensive – contact 1,000 customers for at little as €34
  • BULK SMS Marketing is instant
  • BULK SMS Marketing is targeted – you can personalize each message with customers names.

So to offer that FREE summer/winter check, remind customers of their NCT/MOT renewal date, the launch of a new model, service or tyre promotions/discounts the list is endless to entice customers new and old through your doors.

To put the wheels in motion and start to BULK SMS FOR GARAGES Contact Trevor or John at support@sendmode.com or Tel 087 550 5108 where we can set up your first Bulk Text Marketing campaign.

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