Bulk SMS for Opticians

  • Ever wonder how to generate more customers, thus converting more sales?
  • Ever wonder how to promote special offers?
  • Ever wonder how to save money on missed appointments?
  • Ever wonder how you can implement personalised customer relations with your clients?

Wonder no more! It’s simple …. a BULK SMS for Opticians marketing strategy has powerful potential …….  Mobile devices enable immediacy to the masses! You can contact 1,000 customers, in a matter of seconds!

Fact – 98% of text messages received are read within five minutes.

Fact – Over 90% of the population has a mobile device.

Fact – Bulk SMS message themes are extremely versatile i.e. promotions, special offers, deals, discounts, alerts, appointment reminders etc.

Fact – With Sendmode there is no set up fee or subscription fee, you pay only for the credits you use.

Fact – Bulk SMS marketing has a proven high rate ROI (return of investment).

Fact – As Bulk SMS marketing is permission-based, all whom have opted-in to your campaign are keen to receive your messages and alerts. Furthermore, you now have an audience for future marketing!

Fact – If you require a more personal touch, no problem! Personalised text messages can be tailored to suit your needs.

Follow a few simple steps to build your Bulk SMS for Opticians database:-

Source a Bulk SMS partner.  Look no further, contact Sendmode Business Messaging now @ support@sendmode.com and avail of 25 FREE credits to get you started!

  1. As Bulk SMS is permission-based, create attractive offers to entice people to opt-in to your service.  For example, if you are offering half price eye tests in May, ask prospective customers to text “eye test” (this is known as your keyword) to a particular number (this is known as your short code which is provided by Sendmode).

This starts the (eye) ball rolling!!

Note:  Offers do not have to be of monetary value, however, they must be enticing and valuable to your customers.

Once clients opt-in, you now have a long term database of mobile marketing numbers which can be utilised with future marketing campaigns. Always remember, it is vital, with every text, to provide your customers with the opt-out option.

Get a running start today!…. schedule appointments, send reminders, share offers, offer discount coupons, two for one offers, sunglasses promotions, information evenings etc etc the list is limitless!

To get started with Bulk SMS for Opticians, please contact Myles on tel 087 550 5108 or email sasupport@sendmode.com and we will assist you in setting up our BULK SMS marketing which WILL increase your sales!

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