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smartphone culture SMS Marketing

Smartphone Culture and What This Means for SMS Marketing

Do you ever feel dependent on your smartphone? If so you are by no means alone. After recently breaking my phone whilst on holiday, whether I’m comfortable admitting it, I can safely say that I to would fall into this category. With instant access to text messages, email, social media and practically everything else we […]

marketing a business key strategies

Marketing a Business – 4 Keys Strategies

According to HubSpot, the third top marketing challenge for companies is the lack of budgeting resources. Many marketers lack time and resource to quantify their returns on marketing spend, leaving them focused solely on marketing execution. But if you’re unable to understand where you’re marketing budget has the greatest impact it’s difficult to adjust and […]

Reasons small businesses fail with Bulk SMS Services

Reasons small businesses fail with Bulk SMS Marketing

More and more businesses are turning to bulk SMS services as a marketing tool and for good reason, with 98% of messages opened within the first three minutes of delivery, SMS boasts astonishing results. SMS is a platform that has the power to help a business when done correctly, but to do it right it […]

SMS for Improved Customer Service

SMS for Improved Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for any business, it makes a difference to a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. Global brands are increasingly taking advantage of SMS to connect with customers and improve customer communication and engagement. According to research companies that prioritized customer experience had a 10-15% increase in revenue and a […]

Digital Marketing

Why Small Business Needs Digital Marketing

Why do small business need digital marketing is a question we regularly get asked. Small business -with limited marketing budgets – are competing with national and international brands when it comes to marketing. In this ever-growing digital era, small businesses have no other options but to compete with corporations that have much larger marketing budgets. […]

customer reviews

Harnessing Customer Reviews

The search market is a rapidly growing and changing area of marketing. Consumers are both more elusive and more connected than ever before and business owners need to keep up with customers’ online behaviour in order to remain relevant and prominent in the market. How many times have you, as a consumer read an online […]

permission based marketing

Permission Based Marketing

Permission based marketing was first introduced in 1999 by marketing guru Seth Godin. According to Seth ‘permission is like dating. You don’t start by asking for the sale at first impression. You earn the right, over time, bit by bit.’ Permission based marketing is a privilege, not a right! The term ‘permission marketing’ speaks for […]

setting the tone sms marketing

Setting the Right Tone in Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Setting the right tone when sending an SMS is extremely important and sometimes overlooked by a marketer. Often the tone of voice set within an SMS may not transfer how you intended causing the reader to ignore, delete, or overreact to your message. A versatile writer can write the same thing using a variety of […]

SMART SMS Marketing

Using a SMART Approach to Succeed at SMS Marketing

In marketing, if you’re going to win, you have to know what your goals are, what it takes to get there, and if you’re not getting there, what needs to be done differently. Goals are part of every aspect of life. Everything comes down to priorities, and what you would like to accomplish in every […]

effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Gone are the days when marketers used to pump senseless, measureless and ineffective advertising campaigns. It was hard to be an informed consumer when media was limited. The tables have now turned and the consumer has full power over all of their buying decisions. Marketers must embrace and adapt to new technologies in order to […]