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The Advantages of Bulk Text Messaging

Have you realised the advantages of bulk text messaging yet? Have you recently assessed your existing marketing strategy?

Have you analysed your cost, time, resource versus your balance sheet figures?

Are the results favourable?

These questions and more significantly, the answers they demand are paramount to what means the most to you, your weekly, monthly and annual return of investment.  Bulk text messaging is the definitive solution to all your marketing requirements. Why?  Bulk text messaging and been tried, tested and proven by millions of businesses worldwide. The advantages are numerous:

  • Setup your account, for FREE, in minutes – our support team are ever ready to assist!
  • Open rates – 98% of messages are opened and read by the recipient within 5 minutes
  • Low Cost – R230 to send 1,000 messages ONLY!
  • High ROI – a clear ‘call to action’ within an enticing message, WILL result in a sale
  • Speed & Flexibility – ever changing market conditions require extreme flexibility and adaptability.  Bulk text commands a virtual zero lead time, campaigns can be crafted and dispatched in minutes
  • Targeted – your customers already have a relationship with you and have agreed to receive marketing messages from you, they are eager to hear about your offers/deals/discounts/notifications
  • Personalisation – Customers love to feel special! Messages can be personalised based on previous buying patterns and various demographics. Personalising text messages has a uniquely powerful impact on the recipient
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Monitor Success Rates – with Sendmode’s reporting system, you can closely monitor your marketing campaigns, highlighting what is effective and what requires tweaking, resulting in ever increasing sales figures!

So there you have it, the advantages of bulk text messaging.  Contact Myles on 021 300 2635 or email for all your Bulk Text Messaging needs; account setup, assistance, advice and support.

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