4 Steps to a Successful Marketing Strategy using Bulk SMS


In our experience, the companies who are most successful have simple, yet, deceptively powerful strategies. It can be boiled down to 4 steps;

1. Gather information on your customers

Run competitions, use a mobile keyword in any printed advertisements or just simply ask them for their name and mobile number. Anything to build up a list of your customers. Let your customers know that you will contact them in future with offers and promotions.

2. Upload information to your Sendmode account

Using our multi-award winning online service, upload all the information to your account, splitting into groups if you wish.

3. Once every 4-6 weeks, send all your customers an offer/promotion

This is where your expertise comes in. Make sure the offer is relevant and will appeal to your customers.

4. Keep your list up to date and cleaned

Sendmode will automatically handle any opt outs by SMS.

And Repeat. The response rates from Bulk SMS campaigns to an opt in database will far exceed any printed, broadcast campaigns you run, and at a much lower cost.

We are here to help if you have any questions, please contact us on 087 550 5108 or email sasupport@sendmode.com

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